Our speakers for last Tuesday's meeting were Wayne Thyren Area Director for Youth Investment/Timber Bay and his son Paul. Timber Bay has offered hope to young people for over 45 years, since 1970, accepting kids as they are, even during their turbulent adolescent years and provide them a safe place for building their lives. Through mentoring relationships, they offer hope to one kid at a time at a critical time in their life! 

Timber Bay has successfully befriended youth in need through professional youth workers offering understanding, respect, and mentoring friendships by taking a non-denominational Christian approach. They partner with other community organizations and provide outlets for kids through after school activities such as open gym at BCHS, and individual support group discussion sessions. Also, other activities including the Timber Bay camping experience for kids, that provides them a change from their daily activities and provides a chance to experience a natural setting in a camping environment. 

Paul described a real life experience he had with a troubled youth that would simply not open up to anyone about his non-verbal approach to life. Paul continued to work with the lad and over the years he finally opened up an told of his life. Paul was then able to help the youth 

work through his fears and develop an understanding of life and how to live it. Thanks to Wayne and Paul for all they do around the clock and for Chief Gannon for bringing them to us to hear their valuable youth centered community activities.